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Company: University of Windsor - Great Lakes Institute for Env. Research
Position: Grad.Research Assistant - Geospatial Health
Location: Windsor, ON
Contact Name: Alice Grgicak-Mannion

Job Description

The overall aim of this research is to develop spatio-temporal models using geographic information systems (GIS) to identify and predict environmentally induced health conditions in adults and children (5 years and older) in and across Detroit and Windsor. This study will build upon the University of Windsor’s development of land use regression (LUR) models to map key environmental indicators (e.g. NO2, PM, BTEX, etc.) and their relationship to health conditions such as asthma. A similar LUR will be developed and used to allocate air sampling sites in Detroit. LUR and air dispersion modeling will then be applied in Detroit and Windsor to predict potential exposure to air pollutants and link environmental conditions to specific health outcomes.

Job Qualifications

The Candidate is expected to have experience and/or coursework in health geographics, database design, computer programming and geospatial modeling (extensive knowledge of ArcGIS is preferred) in order to assist with the development of variable (traffic, land use, etc.) datasets, geocoding and statistical analysis of Canadian health information (knowledge of statistics and statistical packages, like SPSS, SPLUS, etc. required), and model development. The expected outcomes for this position include development of advanced skills in conducting research in a multi-disciplinary setting using large healthcare and geospatial datasets.

Other Information

The candidate must also be knowlegdable about air pollution modelling. Software expertise with AERMOD is recommended.

University of Windsor - Great Lakes Institute for Env. Research
401 Sunset Ave.

Windsor, ON
N9B 3P4

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