Posted on January 18, 2008 - GC565

Company: Calian
Position: Research Technologist
Location: Kingston
Contact Name: Joanna Brindle

Job Description

The Environmental Monitoring and Mitigation Group provide scientific and technical services to the Directorate General Environment (DGE) in support of their Environmental Stewardship Program. The position pertains to the environmental monitoring and mitigation training areas. Some of the activities may include, but are not limited to, the following: Research related to the effects of military training activities on the ecosystem; specifically the impacts on soil (e.g., erosion and compaction), water, vegetation and wildlife. • Process and analyze remote sensing data, including: • Ector-optical satellite imagery; • panchromatic, multispectral and radar imagery • geo-spatial, and statistical information available for the military training areas; • plan acquisition of new information (including imagery) to monitor environmental impact and how these impacts can be mitigated Review the available information about the military training areas in order to establish changes on a yearly basis (i.e., the training cycle). Review trends that may emerge from the data analysis, assess their significance on military training activities. This type of analysis would allow determining the frequency and the intensity of military training system activity that can be sustained in an area without damage to the ecosystem.

Job Qualifications

Bachelor degree in a Science related discipline. Remote sensing and satellite imagery. Knowledge of the military or the Canadian Forces is considered an asset.

Other Information

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Kanata, ON
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