Posted on January 9, 2008 - GC563

Company: Fugro SESL Geomatics
Location: Calgary
Contact Name: David Andrews
Deadline: February 8, 2008

Job Description

The position is within the GIS/Mapping team of Fugro SESL Geomatics, based in their Calgary office. You will be working with a team of 6-8 people working primarily with ESRI products; performing data management, mapping and GIS analysis tasks for our clients mainly in the Oil and Gas industry but also providing similar services to our internal CAD and LiDAR processing departments.

Job Qualifications

You will be responsible for the maintenance of data within the corporate Geospatial database within an ESRI ArcSDE environment as well as other client and project based databases, along with the delivery and access to that data to all users within the company in a variety formats and products.

You will be responsible for ensuring the integrity of all incoming spatial datasets, performing relevant quality checks, data conversion, verification and the logging and integration of such datasets into the corporate and client databases.

You will assist in the development of standards, data-models and procedures for the handling and usage of all datasets within Fugro SESL.

You will also be required to perform mapping and GIS analysis tasks on a daily basis as well as assist in the promotion and development of standards and procedures for such tasks within the company.

You will be practical, professional and straightforward; able to manage your own time and workloads and at the same time make a strong contribution to the existing team.

Other Information

• 3-5+ Years experience of using ESRI GIS software
• 1-3+ Years experience of Oil and Gas Industry
• Advanced knowledge of data management and delivery
• Advanced knowledge of spatial data standards
• Good knowledge of GIS data models and database design
• Good knowledge of ESRI geo-processing tools and scripting
• Good knowledge of database design and theory, including SQL
• Experience of ArcSDE an advantage
• Knowledge of VB and coding an advantage
• Proficient with MS Office suite
• Self motivated and disciplined
• High attention to detail and standards

Fugro SESL Geomatics
118, 4242 7th Street SE

Calgary, AB
T2G 2Y8

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