Posted on September 17, 2004 - GC194

Company: CDS
Position: GIS Analyst/Developer
Location: Vancouver, BC
Contact Name: HR

Job Description

Canadian Alternative Delivery Service Inc. (CDS) is a distribution logistics company currently offering publishers a choice for their distribution needs in Canada. The company is building a proprietary mapping and e-business database application to allow it to reach addresses more cost effectively than the Post Office, in a more timely fashion and with a delivery guarantee. This is an exciting and challenging opportunity with the CDS team. The GIS Mapper/Analyst will be responsible for developing a custom GIS database solution for the company’s routing requirements. Specifically, this will include using MapInfo to create a national routing database, and geocoding individual household and business addresses to determine the delivery address/route relationship. In addition, utilities will be developed to handle such issues as dynamic route additions/updates/deletions, special delivery requirements, user profiling as well as various other requirements.

Job Qualifications

Required Experience & Skills: • Mapinfo proficiency. • Mapping, geocoding, spatial analysis, and data management expertise. • Address Management/Correction experience would be an asset. • Self-motivated and demonstrated high energy level. • Proven ability to establish priorities and organize work. • Good problem solving and troubleshooting skills. • Strong interpersonal and communication skills.

Other Information

103-343 Railway St

Vancouver, BC
V6A 1A4
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