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Company: Ocean Networks Canada
Position: Web Service Specialist (Geospatial)
Location: Victoria, BC
Contact Name: Christina Waddle
Deadline: May 2, 2016

Job Description

Ocean Networks Canada (ONC) is seeking a Web Service Specialist to join our Data Team. This position will work across the organization to assist in the design, development and implementation of an Application Programming Interface (API) that exposes the full functionality of existing database tools. This API will provide a fully-documented, easy to use programmatic interface for accessing ONC’s data archive, metadata and advanced data products. The Web Service Specialist will work with stakeholders and a dedicated project team to meet deliverable deadlines set by our funder and the project manager.

Job Qualifications

The successful candidate will have a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, Physical Sciences or related fields with 2 years of related experience. An equivalent combination of education and experience may be considered. Key knowledge and experience required includes knowledge and awareness of global web service standards; Good understanding of relational databases; Direct experience in API and web service design and development; and experience in OPeNDAP and SOS web services and/or other interoperable standards used in geospatial data.

More information, including a full list of desired qualifications, is available on the University of Victoria Careers website, link provided in 'other info'.


Other Information

ONC is a world-leading organization supporting ocean discovery and technological innovation. ONC is as a not-for-profit society that operates and manages innovative cabled observatories on behalf of the University of Victoria that supply continuous power and Internet connectivity to various scientific instruments located in coastal, deep-ocean, and Arctic environments. ONC’s cable arrays host hundreds of sensors distributed in, on and above the seabed along with mobile and land based assets strategically located, instruments that address key scientific and policy issues (subsea earthquakes and tsunamis, ocean acidification, marine biodiversity, etc.) within a wide range of environments.



Please submit a cover letter outlining your specific experience related to the qualifications with an accompanying resume on the UVic Careers website:

More information about Ocean Networks Canada can be found at; more information about the University of Victoria can be found at


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